Beckenham Together BID Manager – Zoe Brown

Long term Beckenham resident and experienced businesswoman, Zoe Brown is Manager of the Beckenham Together Business Improvement District (BID).

With a career spanning 30 years which includes supporting small businesses and start-ups, running her own business, and consulting with a wide variety of organisations such as global companies, government departments, charities and small businesses, Zoe is perfect for this leading role in her home town of Beckenham, so close to her heart.

“I’ve lived in Beckenham for over 30 years, brought my two sons up here, shopped in the High Street and eaten and drunk my way around it throughout that time and continue to do so. To be able to support the further development of the area and the businesses and to put back into the community is something that I’m really excited about,” she said.

The BID, which has the ultimate goal of ensuring that the town continues to prosper and flourish over the next five years, is well underway and Zoe continues to drive the project forward by implementing the strategic plan which has been put in place by the Board.

“I’m looking forward to working with the business community to effect delivery of the issues that the businesses identified as priorities – such as marketing the area as a destination and cost savings on waste management through bulk purchase agreements. I’m also looking forward to working with the Beckenham Together Board and developing practical delivery plans from the overarching strategic plan,” comments Zoe.

With an investment of £940,000 into Beckenham over the next five years, Zoe’s convinced that everyone associated with the town will be sure to see the benefits.

“The BID provides an opportunity for everyone in the community to benefit. It can generate an upward spiral in business, attracting greater footfall from both inside and outside the area, increasing business profits and also delivering the type of local high street retailing that consumers are drawn to. Despite the trend of online shopping, there is still the desire to go out, eat, drink and wander in and out of shops with referrals from happy customers bringing more people into the area. Developing bulk purchase agreements for the business community will affect cost savings for the businesses too, it will become an even more desirable area to live and so the end result is win-win.

“Energising the community spirit for a common purpose is certainly worth working for.”

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